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I’m a free-lance surface pattern designer and visual artist who loves creating harmonies of shapes and colours in a very simple graphic style, mixing geometric elements with more organic hand-drawn motifs. I find inspiration in nature and have a fascination with leaves and foliage. My eyes are also often drawn to particular colour combinations I come across in my day-to-day life and I always spend a fair bit of time putting together a colour palette at the beginning of my projects; I believe finding the right balance of colours is a key ingredient to creating beautiful designs.

I was born and grew up in France (Normandy), moved to Brighton, UK, as a young adult and fell in love with this vibrant city by the sea, where I have been living ever since.

When I am not drawing or designing patterns, I usually have my nose in a book! I also love going on long walks on the beautiful South Downs, just outside of Brighton, and my favourite kind of holidays are spent hiking in the mountains. As well as being a constant source of inspiration and awe, nature always seems to be the best place to recharge my batteries.

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope my designs brighten up your day! 


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